Our Beer Testing Solutions

Great tasting beer deserves the very best in quality control.

Why you should use it

Minimize risks, save time and money

Taking the right precautionary measures is pivotal to the brewing process and ultimately the quality and taste of your beer. With our custom-designed, real-time PCR beer screening kits, 31 of the most important beer-spoiling bacteria are detected in a single PCR reaction. Unlike traditional microbiology that takes days to grow microorganisms on a petri dish, our straight-forward and easy-to-use methods work in all typical sample matrices from breweries and in just a few hours.

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Beer Quality Testing Kits

Our outstanding real-time PCR detection kits offer a wide variety of beer screening and spoilage yeast detection solutions:

All kinds of beverage samples and raw ingredients (e.g. beer wort, lager, alcohol-free pilsner) can be tested with our kits. In addition, many types of fruit-containing liquids, such as juices and juice concentrates, mixed flavored beers, carbonated drinks, isotonic water, lemonade and tea, to name but a few, can also be quality checked using the following kit:

Dualo 32® - The Real-Time PCR Cycler for the Beer and Beverage Industry

The Dualo 32® is a robust 32-well instrument in a convenient format, ideal for facilities with small to medium throughput and little lab space. The wide optical spectrum allows the flexible use of both hydrolysis and hybridization probes. The Dualo 32 is optimized for use with BIOTECON Diagnostics foodproof® kits for quality control in the beer and beverage industry.

Dualo32 Cycler


  • Application guarantee - optimized for all beer and beverage applications
  • Throughput: 32 samples per run
  • Reaction volume: 10 – 100 µl
  • Dual technology - hydrolysis and hybridization probes
  • Plug & play - verified settings and run protocols
Product Sheet

Product No.: D 100 31

ELISA - Additional Testing Solutions

At BIOTECON Diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive range of products to test for all kinds of pathogens, GMOs and spoilers.

If you’re worried about allergens for example, we also provide a variety of innovative ELISA tests for detecting proteins such as gluten/gliadin, which can be found in grains like wheat, rye, spelt and barley.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so get in touch with us if you want to optimize your manufacturing processes to deliver safer food and drink to your end consumers.

How can we help you?

If you’re not really an expert on molecular biology, don’t let the long-winded scientific terminology and names of the various beer spoiling bacteria and spoilage yeast put you off. We are here to explain everything to you and would be absolutely thrilled if you took the time to contact us. It would be our pleasure to talk you through our solutions and tell you more about our beer screening kits and other relevant products we feel you should know about.

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