The Beer Safety Experts

For over two decades, we have been developing molecular rapid tests for breweries with one goal in mind — ensuring your beer always tastes great.

Take the guesswork out of quality control

Germany is a beer-loving country and as Europe’s largest producer of beer, it is safe to say we know beer. What we, at BIOTECON Diagnostics, know even better though, is how to maintain the highest quality beer.

As the beer safety experts from Germany, we understand the effort and care that goes into brewing. We also get how frustrating it is when beer spoilers undesirably change the flavor, aroma, or appearance of your beer. Throughout the entire brewing process there are varying levels of contamination risk, which can spoil your beer. This can cost you money, heartache and potentially damage your brand reputation if, in the worst case, products need to be recalled. Our trusted solutions have long been helping breweries worldwide eradicate this risk altogether, so it never has to become an issue.

Our long-standing customer base, ranging from the largest beverage companies in the world to the smaller independent craft brewers, is testimony to the fact that our products are among the fastest and easiest methods in the industry for accurately detecting beer spoilers. With our products you can rest assured your beer will always represent the highest quality.